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May 252012
Announcing Survival Camera Straps

Survival Camera Straps Are Here! I’m happy to announce that Photoheadonline.com has released Survival Camera Straps. Survival Camera Straps are a light weight, Flexible, Multi Use Strap. They are great for the active photographer to carry a camera, binoculars, or accessories. They feature a unique “single strand to 4 strand” weave, so that when disassembled, you have over 12 feet of 550 para cord for the neck strap, and 5 feet for the wrist strap. It will be easy and comfortable to carry your camera safely and securely with these straps. They are hand-made in the USA from 550 7 […]

May 242012
Finally! Leica Lenses for the Fuji X-Pro1

Man! A day after I review the Kipon adapter, that I just got, for my Fuji X-Pro1 to accept Leica M Mount lenses, and Fuji announces that they have finally released their version of the adapter. That will teach me to be overly excited and impatient. The difference Fuji’s adapter has over the Kipon or Rainbow Imaging, and other third-party adapters is that is will have electronic signal contacts on the adapter along with a function button on the adapter that will tell the camera to automatically set the Menu option of “shoot without lens” to on and bring up […]

May 232012
How to Post your iPhone images to Ebay

I got a very nice email from a reader that wanted to know how to post the images that she took from her iPhone, to sell on Ebay. I posted an article, “How to take better Ebay photos with your iPhone”  So this will be the follow-up to that article to that post. I thought this may be also be helpful for my other readers. So let’s get started. Items needed: Ebay App: It can be found here at the Apple App Store iPhone: iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s After you have downloaded and installed the Ebay App, you want […]

May 232012
Fun Photo Challenge

Summer is about to go full throttle, so I thought it would be fun to have a challenge based on summer fun that would also get our creative juices flowing. I’m calling this the Fun Photo Challenge: Arnold Palmer in Flip Flops: When I think of summer I think of Lemonade, Ice Tea, and Flip Flops. So following this theme, here are the guidelines: Image: Any camera, camera phone, film, slide, etc. Format: Any Color/B&W: Any Photoshop: No image compositing, photoshop only for small adjustments such as color, filters, HDR, etc. Special Requirements: Image must contain either Lemonade, Ice Tea, […]

May 232012
Fuji X-Pro1: Leica M mount to Fuji X mount Adapter Review

***Update*** June 12, 2012 With the release of the body firmware 1.10, Fujifilm has added custom frame lines to the optical viewfinder. So if you read the issues section below you will find that originally, there were no frame lines for your custom focal lengths. With the firmware upgrade, if you set the camera to 50mm or 18mm or 75mm you will get an approximate frame line that is fairly accurate. With lenses that are 15mm and 12mm the angle of view is wider than what the optical viewfinder shows so the camera lets you know this by putting a […]

May 212012
Photography for Memory

I would like to apologize to my dedicated readers, that haven’t had a new post from me in a couple of days. If you have been following the site for a while you may have read that my Grandmother had a mild stroke and was in the hospital. Unfortunately, she has passed. As she did in life, she passed the way she wanted. Long story short, she recovered 100% only to pass in her home the same day she was released from the hospital. She just didn’t want to die in the hospital, very poetic. I apologize to those of […]

May 122012
Macro Shootout: Fujinon 60mm F2.4 vs Sony 50mm F1.8 Sneak Peek

This is a teaser of the full review coming soon. Read full review Here We’re having in shootout! In the blue corner we have the Fujinon 60mm F2.4 Macro Lens for the Fuji X-Pro1, and in the Red corner we have the Sony 50mm F1.8 OSS lens for the Sony NEX-7 or NEX series cameras. We want to know who is the king of close up. This test has been so fun. I’ve always loved close up work and it’s just so interesting to see things in a different perspective. It’s been very interesting to see what the potential of […]

May 112012
Leica M-Monochrom Preview

For those of you that like Leica, and like B&W photography, Leica has just released a perfect solution for you. A monochrom Leica M9 for $8000.00 USD. Leica says they have taken out the color filter array so the images should be sharper because the light doesn’t need to go into individual RGB channels. It has an ISO of  300-10,000 and pull option of ISO 160 to maximize dynamic range. They also announced a 50mm Summicron APO lens for $7200.00 all that for a aspherical lens that will hopefully get rid of chromatic aberrations. We’ll see if it really performs […]

May 072012
Top 5 Point and Shoot Cameras for Mom under $100

Top 5 Point and Shoot Cameras for Mom under $100 If you are the default camera guy/gal in your family like I am, you may get this question a lot. “What camera should I get? I don’t have a lot of money though!”  I actually love this question, because for my friends and family, I like to find what camera is going to suit their needs the best. Of course when they come back to me and say, “Hey, that camera you recommended was great!” I get the “warm and fuzzie’s” all over, but I take it seriously and use […]

May 062012

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