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Sep 162012

Hello, everyone! Below you’ll find my first attempt a review video of the Metabones Contax to Fuji FX adapter. This adapter will also work with the newly released Fuji X-E1. It’s my first video so please let me know in the comments area or by contacting me, what you thought of it. I’m committed to giving my readers the best possible product and I know I have lots to improve on, so please let me know what you liked and what could be better. I know it takes extra time out of your day, but hey the more constructive criticism that I get the better the videos will be. Thanks again.

  11 Responses to “Metabones Contax G to Fuji FX adapter”


    Hi – thanks for this very informative, and for me exciting, video. This is great news! I absolutely LOVE my Contax G1 and particularly its lenses. I think the Fuji X-Pro1 is indeed my very long-awaited “digital Contax G”. Now with this adapter I can use my wonderful lenses on it. (I am yet to actually buy the X-Pro1, however I am planning to, and this pushes me that much closer to taking the plunge.)

    One thing I do wish you’d gone through in the video is the process of actually getting the subject in focus when focusing the Contax G lens with the adapter on the X-Pro1. The idea of having to zoom in to do so does not fill me with confidence! Is this hard/possible to do when holding the camera to your eye?

    Thanks, Martin.


      Martin, thanks so much for the comment and sorry for the delay in response. The manual focusing is much improved with the 2.0 firmware and I will make a video explaining it, but as an overview, having the option of the 3x zoom is a lot better now when compared to the 10x zoom, which sometimes you will lose your framing when zooming in so close. but that being said, I really didn’t have a problem with it after the initial day of use. you get used to it fast, and maybe because I’m used to the framing jumping around when shooting the contax g2, quick reframing really doesn’t bother me personally. If you are use to shooting DSLR’s only you may find the transition time take a little longer. Just as a FYI, the way the 3x to 10x zoom works is pretty elegant and easy in my opinion. Initially when you press the rolling jog wheel located perfectly near your thumb, it zooms to 3x and if that isn’t enough all you need to do is a slight roll with your thumb to the right and it will zoom to 10x roll to the left and it will go back to 3x and press down and it will return to normal. all with your thumb and never taking your eye off the viewfinder. also works in live view mode. very easy and cool. as compared to the Sony NEX 7 now it’s a wash in my eyes. Sony initially out of the box with original firmware had multiple zoom settings, also with the thumb button. Now they are on par with each other with some people giving Sony the slight edge because of the focus peaking feature. I personally use the focus peaking when shooting the Sony but don’t miss it when shooting the Fuji X-pro1. Hope this helps and please feel free to ask anymore questions or email me direct.


    Thanks for this. Very helpful. The adapter will work for the XE1 too, I assume? Will the Contax G 21mm lens fit without modification (ie. cutting the fins), do you know? Do you have any pictures you can post of the Contax wide angle (21mm) with this lens? Thanks again for your research and work here….


      sorry for the super late reply. the lens with adapter will fit the XE-1 and the lens does fit without the fins cut. it just doesn’t fit the nex7. email me and I’ll send some samples. or you can wait for me to post them, but honestly it may take a while. thanks for your comment.


    I am looking forward to your posting of the sample pictures. Could you email it to me?


    Hi,Good review of MB. Then,would the 28mm 2.8 Biogon, becoming a 42mm eq. on the Fuji, be too slow for everyday photog.? Does it not drop to F3.5? Or would the zeiss quality, (I use Contax N on film), be worth it rather than the 35 1.4 Fujinon, 50mm eq. Also looking at the 90 mm to become a 135 eq.



      thanks for your comment!! Thanks for the kind words. The 28 mm will be a 42mm in focal length only! it will not “slow” down to f3.5. so you would have a 42mm f2.8 lens. which works out pretty good if like a slightly wider than 50mm angle of view. Now a comparison to the fuji 35mm f 1.4 is another story. they are two different lenses for different purposes. the have a different look to each lens. one manual focus and one auto. if you are comfortable with a manual lens and have the contax 28mm already and are just going to by the adapter. to me it’s a no brainer. get the adapter. the fuji 35mm f 1.4 is an awesome lens also though and it costs a pretty penny. it really comes down to your shooting style. as for the 90mm it’s an awesome portrait lens. lets you stand far enough away and has good compression o the background. I like the lens a lot. hope this helps. always love talking tech so if you want more insights email me again.


    Thanks for response. That leads to just one more Q re a super wide. 14mm or 15mm Voigt. to give 21ish mm. or wait for the heavy,big 10- xxx zoomof fujinon in Sept 2013!! I guessI have to forget the real 15mm for time being. Thaty would only get occaisonal use anyway.. Warm weather greetings, 32C, from Phuket Thailand.


      the voigtlander 15mm is an amazing lens. converted it gives you close to a 21mm lens which is very popular for street photography and wide angle stuff without crazy distortion. My opinion is that the 15mm is better than the 14mm voigtlander because it has less distortion. there is a noticeably less pincushioning. with the 15mm I like to use it with hyper focal focusing and with practice I’ve gotten very accurate with it. the lens is also very small and light compared to the 14mm which makes a noticeable difference. I agree with you and think the super wide coming out is overkill and is a good novelty but in terms of cost vs. use ratio I would hold off. there are probably other things you could by with higher priority. Thanks for chatting from so far away. I’m in sunny Southern California!!


    I just got the adapter, and the lens fit, and the adapter mounts, BUT… the shutter button won’t take a shot! I tried it multiple times with my 28 and 45mm, and nothing doing. Any guesses? Thanks!

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