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Apr 202012

Sony NEX-7: Leica M-Mount to NEX mount adapter

Sony NEX-7: Leica M-Mount to NEX mount adapter

Sony NEX-7: Leica M-Mount to NEX mount adapter

I just wanted to give a quick review for this Leica M-Mount to NEX mount adapter. I searched the internet for an adapter that both was cost-effective and well made and durable. If you look on the internet you will find many adapters that will allow you to use Leica M-Mount lenses with the Sony NEX-7. You will see names such as Metabones, Photodiox, RainbowImaging, Novaflex, Phottix, and Zykkor. Then you have the Generics that don’t really have a name but “look” like the ones with names. Price ranges on the average are $10-100. Some look better than others but the main thing we want to know is “Does it work?”

Being the Cost Conscious Consumer that I am, I was having a hard time deciding which way to go. The “el cheapo” route or the “quality” route. Even though I’m Cost Conscious, I’ve read enough “think like a millionaire” articles to know that in the long run, for most things, it’s better to buy quality well made items. They will last longer, give you less headache, and will not “cost” you more in the long run. I then put the logical side of my brain to work and thought, “dude, it’s an adapter!!!”. I figured that, if it was well made (of metal), there isn’t any glass to degrade the quality. So it’s really there to bridge a gap between a lens and a body. Also, what advantage besides the name and some good ad speak could the higher end models have over the Lower end? Maybe a better “looking” product, a better lens release, higher quality paint job? As long as the adapter is square, made of metal, I can live without any of those things. So my mind was set. I went on Ebay and bought this adapter for the low, low, price of $13.06.

So did my plan backfire? I’m happy to say in this case NO!! Yea! This adapter was very solid, well made, and when you put everything together all is “tight” and has “no play” at all. It won’t win any beauty contests but the main thing is that it works! The lens release doesn’t look all that great but it doesn’t get in the way and I don’t even notice it. I am free to obsess over other things and not my adapter. Plus, I just saved over $80 USD that I could put to better use. I know when you first start your search for a new toy, you have so many anxieties about whether or not you’re making the right choice, “what if it breaks” or worse “what if it breaks my camera?” Well friends, put your mind to rest. In this case, for this adapter, you can go “EL CHEAPO!” and it won’t hurt your camera. Ahhh, now the “Balance” has returned for all the defenseless consumers, forced to buy “over priced” photographic accessories! 😉

Use the comments to let to tell the community what adapter do you use and was it worth the money??

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  2 Responses to “Sony NEX-7: Leica M-Mount to NEX adapter”


    forget the cheapness or the designer look to the adaptor… it’s the DEPTH OF THE ADAPTER that counts! If you can’t focus your Leica lens at infinity when it’s on your NEX 7 what good is the adapter anyway? The fotodiox adapter won’t let the lens be sharp beyond about 15/20 meters.


      thanks for you comment Jim, I’ve heard of some users having a problem with certain makes of adapter. thanks for bringing this up. buyers should be ware of faulty adapters that have slightly off flange distances. stick with the ones that work. I guess that’s why we all like to read blogs, so there are people that will let you know if they work or not. I was lucky that my eBay purchase worked out. still very happy with it. I can’t say for sure about the one you mentioned because I haven’t tried it myself. But I would be happy to test it for you if you want to send it to me. thanks again. happy image making!

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